Sean Michael Davis enjoys working with other people and is not only a gifted videographer, but also an excellent communicator. More than anything his dedication to his craft and ‘like-ability’ are what set him apart.

Sean Michael Davis loves every part of the production process, whether behind the camera, in the Director’s chair, or in front of the camera. Sean Michael Davis’s passion is passion for filmmaking, and video production in general.

Sean Michael Davis began his career as a musician having graduated with an A.S. degree from Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts in Audio Engineering. He spent several years as an assistant sound engineer for numerous studio bands and live sound events.

It wasn’t until he landed his first internship on USA Network’s Swamp Thing (BBK Productions) that he realized what he’s meant to do: produce film and video professionally.

Sean Michael Davis continues to shoot as well as Direct. He has recently worked on feature films, such as: The Punisher, Misconceptions, The Casualty, Fallen Faithful, The Celestine Prophecy, Phobia and The Manchurian Candidate. Sean has also worked on several television shows, such as: Prison Break, National Geographic, COPS, and has won many awards for Directing and Cinematography.

Cell: 813-453-4140
Office: 310-923-9996